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Aiming for Safety
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The main reason for developing this site was to promote shooting sports as a safe, enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed by anyone.
Firearms have been an important part of Canadian history and in the development of this country. Firearms have put food on our tables, protected our borders and the freedom of our allies as well as providing a form of recreation.
As an instructor in the safe use of firearms, my passion is giving the best possible training to insure that new shooters entering the sport for the first time, or seasoned shooters wishing to expand their knowledge are given the knowledge and skills necessary to be safe and socially responsible firearms users. The ability of the shooter is not affected by age, by gender, by social status, by income, by religion or profession, only a willingness to become more proficient.

My many years involved in shooting sports have shown me that legal gun owners are hard working , honest people that enjoy a sport that is safer that most others and are willing to help new shooters excel. I have found getting advice on how to improve my skills a very easy task.

So, follow the links on this site to sign up for a Firearms Safety Course , a Restricted Firearms Safety Course  to aquire the skills to become licenced to purchase firearms, the Ontario Hunter Education Program (OHEP) to get a hunting licence, to find shooting clubs to join, or a link to The Gun Centre if you are looking to purchase firearms and ammunition. Another service we provide is firearms proficiency training for job requirements and instruction on re-loading metalic cartridges for rifles and handguns..

Social Events

Have your group test their skill on a target range with new, interesting and historical firearms. It could be a wedding party, corporate team building event, or just a get together with friends.